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Title: 2018/2/26 15:51:38
Please consider opening a restaurant in Harrison, Arkansas. There is one in Mountain Home, but none here. I moved here from Des Moines, Iowa and there are 3 Chinese Restaurants here, none of which are any good. There are 2 Korean restaurants but they are not buffets. I have not tried them. Thank you for considering my request.
Title: 2018/11/18 13:44:39
Just wondered how much the baffae was
Title: 2018/11/1 15:06:30
Im with Postmates, the fastest growing food delivery app, and we want to partner with you and bring you NEW business. What's a time I can speak to the decision maker to sign you up so our customers can become your customers? You also have several locations so I would be more than happy to sign up each location.
Title: 2018/10/20 11:28:53
I called and the lady didn’t understand me my order never came and they tried to make me buy more I’m never ordering here again
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