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Title: GOT CHARGE TWICE9/14/2014 8:30:30 PM
hi, my name is ying lee,im a regular customer of ur restaurant, i ordered some food today and paid online with my card. after that ,i remembered that i got a 10 off coupon so i called the restaurant and u guy let me use the 10 off, my recipt was 19.94 ( after the 10 ) , but i also got charged 21.93 cuz i made payment online, arent you guy suppose to cancel my payment first before u do another payment?? now i got charge twice, i should have my 21.93 refund back to me either to my account or cash, either way , i can show the account activity of my card anytime u need. Please get back to me asap , thanks. my phone number is : 515-771-9796 if u have any question
Title: 7/29/2015 8:06:32 AM
I need a quote for family style
Title: Stolen Credit Information6/28/2015 8:37:34 PM
Placed an order here last week and gave my visa information over the phone. Needless to say my visa information was later stolen the next morning. Proceed with caution!!!
Title: Josh Reber5/14/2015 8:32:09 AM
Do you deliver to downtown des moines
Title: 2019/9/4 15:38:46
first my order said delivery is $2 when I went to place the order it was suddenly $6 never order from you again
Title: 2019/11/14 15:31:49
Absolutely delicious food at a great pricev THANK YOU.
Title: 2018/8/13 8:14:28
Found your menu for Chengs and Body Revive on my door. It is against Urbandale law to go door to door without a peddlers license. Urbandale said to call the police.
Title: 2018/5/28 19:42:22
PLEASE EVERY ONE posting Note it gets posted Publicly fro all to read so DOnt leave phone numbers unless you want all the world to see it...
Title: 2018/5/28 16:28:49
Sunday Night 5-27-18 at !0:30pm I came home and had your Menu Under my door i did not know it was there and a slipped and fell on it I GOT HURT... Feeling really angry as i live in a secure Building and no one and i mean NO ONE should have been able to get into the building there is "No Soliciting" at our apartments on top of this... The only way your employees could of got into the building is if they fallowed in behind someone... i want to thank you for the menu that is cuasing me extreem pain that will likely send me to the ER... You need to tell your employeess to check for no solicting signs at the doors before they enter because I am hurt and your employees were never suppose to be in our building
Title: 2018/2/26 15:51:38
Please consider opening a restaurant in Harrison, Arkansas. There is one in Mountain Home, but none here. I moved here from Des Moines, Iowa and there are 3 Chinese Restaurants here, none of which are any good. There are 2 Korean restaurants but they are not buffets. I have not tried them. Thank you for considering my request.
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